About Me

Hi! I'm Tj, a Ph.D. candidate at Northeastern University studying the crystallinity development, interphase / interface behaviors, and macroscopic behaviors of semi-crystalline polymer based nanocomposites. My background is in mechanical engineering and materials science, but my research has introduced me to many fields outside those disciplines, including biophysical ecology, marine sciences, a bit of geology, chemistry, and more recently machine learning.

Having been fortunate enough to be exposed to such a wide variety of research topics, I have found myself increasingly interested in the applicability of what I have learned from materials science to topics beyond that of the traditional high performance materials, manufacturing, etc. . As the majority of my Ph.D. research revolves around the use of molecular dynamics (MD) and machine learning, I hope to lean on the knowledge I have gained in these fields in the future. Some things that I am interested in pursuing outside of my current research topic include nanotoxicity, cellular representations in MD, and sustainable materials.

Contact Information

Thomas J. Barrett
Minus Lab
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department
College of Engineering
Northeastern University