Ph.D. Research

Advisor : Dr. Marilyn Minus

Molecular dynamics simulations of neat polymers and polymer - carbon nanotube composites are used to better understand and inform the film and fiber spinning developments. As it is material agnostic, the approach is validated on both PAN-CNT and PVA-CNT systems and can be extended to any semi-crystalline polymer. By maintaining crystallinity when converting to Abaqus, we are able to develop improved representative volumes to describe the semi-crystalline polymer multiscale behavior both in neat and composite functions. Experimental validation is done through the fabrication of polymer films and fibers via dry-wet (gel) spinning.

M.S. Research

Advisors : Dr. Sinan Müftü , Dr. Brian Helmuth

Working as part of an international multi-disciplinary group between Northeastern University's Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Marine and Environmental Sciences departments and the Israeli National Institute of Oceanography, Oceanographic and Limnological Research, I performed research into the impact of surface roughness of rocky coastal surfaces on surface availability to solar radiation using COMSOL Multiphysics. 3D GIS scans of coastal surfaces with 1 cm2 resolution were converted to ~1 m3 meshes, and subjected to diurnal solar paths to determine the relationship between surface roughness and area of thermal refugia for sessile organisms.


    Journal Papers

    Barrett, T. J. & Minus, M. L. PolyAlign & MDvoro: Python packages for molecular dynamic polymer characterisation and finite element volume generation. In Preparation.

    Barrett, T. J. & Minus, M. L. Benchmarking Nose-Hoover integration methods for tensile measurements. In Preparation.

    Barrett T. J., Li M., Gouhier T., Rilov G., Helmuth B., & Müftü S. Fine-scale spatial heterogeneity dictates temperature extremes on coastal rock surfaces. In Preparation.

    Conference Contributions

    Barrett, T. J. & Minus, M. L.. A cluster-based approach for identifying and meshing crystalline regions in molecular dynamics simulations. Oral Presentation. Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring Meeting 2022. Honolulu, Hawaii (USA), May 2022.


    Programming Languages : Python, MATLAB
    Technology : Git, Latex, PyQT, SKLearn, COMSOL, LAMMPS, Abaqus
    Fabrication : Neat polymer films and fibers. Polymer- Carbon Nanotube (CNT) composite films and fibers. Dry-wet (gel) spinning.
    Characterization Equipment : TGA, DSC, DMA, Optical Microscopes, WAXD, SAXS, SEM

Teaching / Course Responsibilities

    MATL6285 - Structure, Properties, and Processing of Polymeric Materials

    Fall 2022

    Acted as the teaching assistant for the MATL6285 graduate level course. Graded homeworks, exams, and acted as substitute lecturer on occasion.

    ENLR 5121 - Engineering Leadership

    Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

    Acted as one of the teaching assistants for Gordon Leadership Program at Northeastern University. Helped with in class activities and discussions.

    ME 7285 - Heat Conduction and Thermal Radiation

    Fall 2018

    Acted as a grader for ME 7285. Completed problem sets, developed rubrics, and provided feedback to students to aid in their learning.

Other Activities

    Northeastern College of Engineering PhD Council

    Cofounder / Interim President

    As one of the first members of the COE PhD Council, I primarily managed and organized events. Beginning in the Fall of 2021, we began offering a weekly coffee hour for College of Engineering PhD students, as well as a monthly TED talk style social event, Science on Tap. Science on Tap is our larger event, for which I organize and arrange speakers, catering, facilities, and most everything else that goes into an event for 60-80 people. Additionally, as members of the COE PhD Council, we help facilitate surveys for the college and meet with faculty and college leadership in an effort to improve the quality of the PhD experience at Northeastern University.

    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Graduate Student Council


    Stemming from my role in the COE Ph.D. Council, I am working to help newer Ph.D. students develop a Graduate Council within the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department. This group will oversee department level events and act similarly to the COE Ph.D. council. I, along with another member of the council, will help with developing department level events and the student group applications necessary to become a standalone organization within the university.

    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Graduate Mentorship Program


    Acted as a mentor to a new Ph.D. student, through a new mentorship program developed by the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Graduate Student Council.